Thursday, October 15, 2015

                                 Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is just around the corner, and we'll all be playing come November 6th. This is the biggest, most ambitious COD to date and... wait, don't give us that face. We know what you're thinking: COD doesn't change, same stuff every year, mindless shooter, blah blah. Not so with Black Ops 3. While the core shooting remains as lightning-fast and terrifyingly lethal, the actual gameplay has undergone some real reinventions and, as with all Black Ops games, there's a real emphasis on story this time.
What follows is a breakdown of all you need to know about Black Ops 3 - be that the campaign, which is now entirely co-op, the multiplayer, or the excellent new Zombies mode. There are also hands-on impressions here from our time with the game, and info on the various exclusive slices of content and special edition deals

                                                            NBA 2K16

.2K announced the launch of the mobile version of its recently-released NBA 2K16 console game on Thursday, and it is now available to download in the app stores.
While we've been waiting for the return of the NBA season, we've already had a chance to get in on some of the action early by playing 2K Sports' MyNBA2K16, a card-collecting game where you get to build a team of competitive players to win matches and earn rewards, including VR (virtual currency) for NBA 2K16. Even though MyNBA2K16 features many console connections (like entering in your Locker Codes), NBA 2K16 allows gamers to get the console experience while on-the-go.
Like the console version, NBA 2K16 features My Career mode, along with Season modes and the new Blacktop Mode that takes the game to the streets. This mobile game is said to have "improved graphics and game performance" compared with previous titles from this franchise, and there are also new controls for a more seamless gameplay, including support for a physical controller. The new animations are said to provide "smoother movement and more realistic articulation combined with new controls."

                                              Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

The Birdman is back with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, a return-to-form for the blockbuster skateboarding franchise. THPS 5 rekindles the signature style of classic Pro Skater games in a brand-new set of levels with the same infamous focus on daring objectives, fine-tuned controls and high-score tricks -- including manuals and reverts -- for endless shredding. New items like power-ups and projectiles change up the core skating experience in a variety of fresh and entertaining ways. Tear up the pavement as one of today’s top pros, including Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, Riley Hawk, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ishod Wair, Leticia Bufoni, Chris Cole, David Gonzalez, Andrew Reynolds, and Lizzie Armanto -- or customize your own character.
Online multiplayer is where Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 truly takes off, letting players drop in and out of online skate sessions with friends and challengers from around the world for the first time. Complete missions, unlock new content and level up online or offline, or go head-to-head on the fly against all takers in competitive matches. Players can also build their own imaginative skate parks to share with the community

                                                       Lego Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions starts in an unusual way: it asks you not to play the game. After some short, perfunctory in-game tasks, Dimensions takes a swerve, telling you to put your controller down and build (using actual LEGO pieces) a physical portal that sits atop the real-world base you'll use to interact with the game. The portal itself is attractive and intricate, and depending on your fine motor skills (and whether you have children helping/hindering you), could take at least an hour to build



Soma is a a sci-fi horror game played from a first person perspective. The radio has gone silent on PATHOS-2. As isolation bears down on the staff of the remote research facility, strange things are happening. Machines are taking on human traits and alien constructions have started to interfere with routine. The world around them is turning into a nightmare. The only way out is to do something unimaginable...


Create more moments of magic than ever before with FIFA 16. Make every match memorable with increased control in Midfield, improved defensive moves, more stars, and a new way to play. Build your dream team in FIFA Ultimate Team, or compete as one of 12 Women’s National Teams for the first time ever in the FIFA franchise, including Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, and more. FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch, delivering a lifelike and authentic football experience   

                                    Super Mario Maker


Super Mario Maker is essentially two games: A design tool and a traditional 2D platformer. The tool aspect lets you crib elements from several Mario games and toss them together into a level of your own making, which you can then upload online for everyone else to play. You choose the overall graphical skin from among Super Mario Bros, Super Mario           Bros 3, Super Mario world or new Super Mario Bros U. This affects the way everything looks and sounds, and how some items are used (for example, Mario World allows access to Cape Mario while New Super Mario Bros. U swaps that with Propellor Mario). And the background that you choose (airship, underwater, castle, etc.), determines the stage and musical themes.
The mix-and-match nature allows for exciting and anachronistic additions to familiar scenarios, like dropping a version of Bowser Jr. into an 8-bit style underwater Mario level. And some items can be combined for interesting new effects--placing a POW block in a pipe creates a pipe the distributes POW blocks, and putting a mushroom on pretty much any item, or enemy, makes it significantly larger.


                                    Pro Evolution Soccer      

The modern game of football is as much about physicality as it is about pace or technique. It’s strange that no digital representation of the beautiful game has managed to nail this particular aspect of the sport. There have been attempts, with some going hilariously wrong, but nothing to impact the gameplay in a positive way. Enter PES 2016, sporting its ‘advanced collision system’, looking to do exactly that. You know what? It succeeds, quite brilliantly.
Each and every interaction between players matters, impacting the gameplay in some way whether it’s big or small. This means bigger players can stamp their authority on the game - Yaya Toure, Nemanja Matić and Paul Pogba are beasts, devouring the opposition if you play to their strengths, like getting shoulder-to-shoulder with another player, or in a good position to make a challenge.
It works in other ways too, adding an element of strategic depth to the gameplay. Playing as Man United, there were times I struggled to break the ‘park the bus’ strategy of lesser teams. A scary case of gaming mimicking real life, I know. Anyway, in these instances, I brought on Marouane Fellaini. Unlike Anthony Martial, the lanky Belgian was able to use his frame to hold up the ball, bring other players into the game and win the majority of aerial battles. Moreso than any other PES, here it’s all about reading the game, thinking a step ahead and positioning your players accordingly